It comes as us with a variety of labels – HD, High Resolution, 1080p and I’m looking forward to Super Duper mega-pixel. I often come away from it confident that some marketing team is embracing a term to trick most customers and annoy the engineers who built the product. It’s laughable when it’s on something like candy, it’s painful when on something that will cause someone’s grandma to waste her limited funds to please little Timmy.

The sad thing is that I’ve become a bit of a slave to that damn logo. My uppity tech side is annoyed that I’m inclined to gravitate to the HD logo even when the thing spewing out in HD sucks. I love old, fully analog cars, shooting with film and tube amps. A well composed but fuzzy picture is significantly better than an uber-megadeathpixel shot that I often see. Even with my passion for great content, I avoid the TV channels that aren’t HD, and even snub some of my lowly DVD’s of exceptional movies. I know it’s wrong, but I’ve done it.

I believe the first step is to admit I have a problem.

I need to cut this short and get back to playing with my new 1080p device.


The wandering vacation has started with some Indian lunch with a hot date.


My plans are to just do things as they seem like fun and the first day was perfect:

  • Coffee at Victors
  • A little shopping for stuff around the house
  • Lunch as some Indian spot in Woodinville. The food was ok, the date was perfect
  • Finished building my daughter’s fort
  • Had a tree guy come out and figure out how much I’ll be spending to make a couple ratty trees go away.