Pinlock visor notes

As we’re moving towards fall, I’ve been getting questions on how I deal with a fogged up visor. I tell them that holding my breath is the trick. Then, when they note that they can’t hold it long enough, I let them in on my second favorite approach – Pinlock visors.

In the past I’ve tried everything from Cat Crap to Fog City. While most seemed to work at first, they’d quickly run into limitations. Then I read about Pinlock and I had to try it. Unfortunately, it took at least a year for them to show up in the US. Pinlock is a system (sounds fancy) where the shield has two pins, and the fog resistant portion is another hunk of plastic that seals against the shield with a silicon bead and is held in place with the pins out at the sides. I’ve only used these on Arai helmets, but have friends that use them on other brands. I ride with one every day in Puget sound weather and am thrilled.


  • Very easy to swap in a tinted or clear visor
  • exceptional at keeping the fog out of your vision
  • it can rub a bit on the seal when opening/closing the shield.
  • if it gets saturated, it needs to dry out (it’s not just simple plastic).
  • can affect vision when used along with polarized glasses
Highly recommended!